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Audi in the rain

Birchgrove oval

Blue Chair

Broadway, Sydney

Bronze Reader

Ceci n'est pas un arbre



East Village 2005

Fallout Shelter NYC 2005

Footpath Print

Gorilla, Rotterdam

Graffiti, NYC 2005

Height, NYC 2005

Hello - hello


I still Love You, Shithead

Leaves, Balmain

Makeup Dog

Moon over Sydney

My Name is Rolo

No rats, NYC 2005

Old Building, NYC 2005

Palm, Balmain

Park, Damn you -- NYC 2005

Patriotic clock, NYC

Pigeons, NYC 2005

Pink Beach

Pleasure 9 to 5

Purple Smile

Red Chair

Red Lamp, NYC 2005

San Francisco, 1997

Shit -- I burnt the carpet

Space, NYC 2005

Spin Jockey

Spoils of War

Squirrel, Balmain

Stencil Faces

Stop in the Name of Love

Subway Santa, NYC 2005

Subway, NYC

Two Seats

What do you mean, phallic

Wheel Mirror NYC 1999

Yellow Bus NYC