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Peter Minter


Lately what have you, my arrogance, been writing
in The Piece, the sense of you in that Library on the shore one of me
let’s say
come out of it & pull myself together, the long dust these years from which some kind of formal statement might stay fairly anchored but a, well, a larger view accumulates as, well, finds itself some altitude toward the world, & very as if large —
     present me
with insinuations, at first inviolate and extemporizing what tunnels or outpourings
I’m selfishly disinterested in Words
as if it were Plastic Shape!, O Wallace, O Jackie, the fire
                    delights in concrete roneo
the phallus in I-talico
of course, in the park, as it were, this is my drop of water and
                    that’s your drop of water so

sick again with art we list lies &, specifically, killing sprees,
                    pamphlets, posters, billboards, all signal to excellence;
the Signorina sleeping under the book legs hanging over feet,
                    some considerable discourse this fella told.
OK, they return & apologise for a State of Feeling, the addenda
that if an elephant were not standing on your foot
Ginsberg, yeah, well, sure, but reverent feathery references
                    and particulate anguish shower us,
Very Alert, in drag for the new suit and sans mostachio.

Peter Minter is a Sydney poet, editor and publisher. ‘Beige’ is from a work in progress in 1997 as ‘The Role of Texas 1967–97’ and published in 1999 as Empty Texas by PaperBark Press in Sydney, at
You can read three other poems from this sequence in Jacket 10.

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