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Martin Johnston

A note from Jacket editor John Tranter:
The Australian poet Martin Johnston died in June 1990 at the age of forty-two. Over the next two years I compiled a selection of most of his published poetry, essays and book reviews together with some interviews and photographs, and Martin Johnston — Selected Poems and Prose was published by the University of Queensland Press in 1993. Some of Martin’s poems and prose are available in this issue of Jacket together with some photographs. You can read two more essays in Jacket 11. In this issue (click the button):

button The main part of my Introduction to the Selected Poems and Prose
button A group of sonnets, In Transit — a Sonnet Square
button An essay on Jorge Luis Borges
button Five late poems
button Translations of Greek folk songs
button Some photographs of Martin when young

Martin and his wife Roseanne Bonney. Photo © John Tranter

Martin and his wife Roseanne Bonney. Photo © John Tranter

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