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Tim Davis

Smart Poets Society

for Dodie and Kevin

like icthyology to fish
all my waterfalls
get a hard on at the cautley spout)
con came
schematis personae suss, brother
take limitless prescription and call me
in the heck aesthetics of theory mom
(rodrigo’d get a village rearguard hard on)
1-800-collectivism side of fries
the body is (quickly, fill in “duck-billed raven”)
a place for forest fires
if not full on fusion (tear it torrid)
the evisceratists
take on oakland at the oikos dome
tonight at ten to ten on the network of people’s degrees
i sing of arms make the man, con
ductrices of the mission brain pep dispensary
the spotsylvania grandmamas meet
bashbish louis althusser
in a spinal tap to the mat
had a life but couldn’t keep her

Tim Davis lives in New York City, where he works as an editor for New Directions Publishing Corporation.

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