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Lee Ann Brown

Two Poems

My Uncruel April, My Totally Equal
          Unforetold April Unfolded

Added cups and plates
                    rotate other stars
                                        in your sequential platforms.
As with all good (real) poetry movements
          we splice the past
Aprils, walking near himself before there,
          her pleated heart, heated.
The Question Undoes Itself
On an organic twittering machine
Trumpet vine of the Bottle Brush Fire
Escape playing itself on the grassy beds
Of Hyancinth, light-bulbed, headboarded, made up,
Observed, vibratory-color bannered sheets of
Fire Sabi beauty, old peeling jumbled, a mess.
The purple Third Avenue L, the Horrors of Spring.
Ecstatically crying, to peaceful wellbeing
Maintenance of the handful of unhatched speckled
Eggs thrown from the next nest, mixed with
The hand-drawn line so far from your usual practice.

Ma Lab

We are able to move
We are able to sew well
Wet tea roars on storms
Rome Born meets lost teams alone
Women or Men, we are
We are sore sonnets
Lambs roar
More wet
No More Alone
Loss Sewn
Eat lore’s stews,
Mom, moan nor roam

from The Voluptuary Lion Poems of Spring
(Tender Buttons press, 1997)
P.O. Box 13, Cooper Station, New York City, NY 10276

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