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The Cambridge Conference of Contemporary Poetry 1998

Friday 25th to Sunday 27th April, 1998
at Keynes Hall, King’s College, Cambridge, England

A report from Bernardo Soares is available in Jacket # 4

Punting on the Cam

8pm — Bob Perelman; Reception.

11am — Michelle Grangaud, Roger Langley, Helen Macdonald
2pm — Frank O’Hara and Allen Ginsberg:
films by Colin Still
4pm — John Forbes memorial reading
8pm — Roy Fisher, Peter Gizzi, Gig Ryan

2pm — Olivier Cadiot, Lisa Jarnot
4pm — Peter Blegvad
7pm — Lee Ann Brown, Philippe Beck, Keston Sutherland

Photos: above: ‘Dreaming Squires’ — punting on the River Cam at Cambridge
below: ‘Screaming Squires’ — demonstrations against fees, King’s College, 1997
Photos copyright © John Tranter, 1998

Demonstration at Kings College 1997

Exhibition of works by Tom Raworth — mainly his published books of the past 30 years, plus some collages — will run concurrently with the Conference, in the Chetwynd Room, Kings College (open only during conference events)
Ian Patterson
King’s College, Cambridge CB2 1ST
tel 01223-331196

Inquiries: Peter Riley, 27, Sturton Street, Cambridge CB1 2QG
tel/fax: 01223 576422 — email:

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