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Keston Sutherland

Two poems


from Hate’s Clitoris And Other Poems

As life were or were not

      put by distemper inter

mixed beyond claim or

      my correct order, move to

remantle gently; be where

      always and the turn from

always lately gives in

      tact benefit. Still be

lied by deed the slight

      purview beside

you says you

      fit throughout, where

finally who knows, is us loved.


The new fathom item A-Z mercy spree unsmothers afresh
re donkey spirit sprezzatura fit or agog for a relapse, a slipped pin
up assent to purpose marked down see hence vertical
shark loans in purveyance-arrest, a bit strapped for life
on the quay, shattered and bawling joke acid. Practically
speaking, joy in repair may appear as in fit blood-streaked piss
exhaustion or fades up, fawning / pouting his backside over her
stumbled-across plastic stile. Ah, undo. Real ping-pong
with Abraham vdu hyper relish. Top fate n1 stridulating in program n1.

Misery-to-be tautens and flats out as crap sin. Unquizzical
stab B blends up multiple-choice #! in glue/weep promo delight
din with stab C, D and ex-skin rick delivery #+1!, to what fails
up in time a blessed pact, re: pedestal ash specks blent in gilded muck
re: sum regress-inverse bonanza. Cracking the pig’s
jaw clean off, razing the hog’s contempt. Improved regard-access
loss puts extra-pittance loyalty via temporarily lax grin suppression
a centimeter out of reach, spraying money inwards.
                    Hence, actuality-compatible
co listings slashed up, over the dale installed lice squawk and sigh down.

Keston Sutherland (b. 1976) lives in Cambridge Mass., USA.
He has published several pamphlets including At The Motel Partial Opportunity, Girls At Trusion and Hate’s Clitoris and Other Poems.

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