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Hugh Tolhurst

On the Eve of the Destruction of
Piss Christ

— for Owen Richardson

We were in the Gulag,
that point on a Friday night
where the object of critical attention
among the writers & hacks at the Standard
was whether we could walk.
You said something about the Serrano opening
& art being for art’s sake & we were glad
both that we probably could walk
& that the photograph you’d enjoyed the launch of,
was available for worship in St. Kilda Road.

Hugh Tolhurst
Hugh Tolhurst lives in Melbourne, Australia.

His first collection of poetry is Filth and Other Poems, Black Pepper, 403 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy VIC 3068 Australia, ISBN 1-876044-17-9.

You can read another poem by Hugh Tolhurst, a translation of Catullus, about the poet John Forbes, in this issue of Jacket.

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