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Emma Lew : two poems
How Like You
How like you, cholera,
to worry over the health of strangers.
And you have let your sweetheart go hungry,
while your legend crossed the country,
a surprise visitor playing Cupid,
keeping the happy happy -
from guest wing to portrait gallery,
prickly wilderness to deepest city.
With a grace of Goth and Hun,
you taught the danger of your good turn -
in roadiess times, with early spoons,
and it only took an afternoon.
You rise like Islarn this mauve morning,
inventing dark and savage deserts.
Tonight you launch them from the spire
and they'll spread like spiny fire.

Holes and Stars
I just got my memory back.
Few loons and I would live
in a corner at the airport,
not for the sequence
but the agony we had to be in,
running off with the money
and faking our own deaths.
Will technology make me remote?
1 don't know where I am,
I never know what's going to happen.
Everything is quiet,
stunned yet animated,
evolving yet wilting.
If I want to read a newspaper,
I reach out for it with my hand.
Funny how you've taken my theory
and decided to call it your own.
They will be making snow tonight;
it will be beautiful and we can afford it.
Come quickly,
by yourself,
bring the negatives.

Emma LewEmma Lew was born in 1962. She completed an arts degree in 1986 and has worked as a proof-reader, sub-editor and secretary. She lives in Melbourne, Australia. Her latest book is The Wild Reply, published by Black Pepper Press, 403 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy, Victoria 3068, ISBN 1-876-04413-6
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