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Octavio Paz evening in Sydney, Australia
Photo: Octavio Paz (left), Julio Cortázar, Alberto Gironella
The Consulate General of Mexico and the Mexican Cultural Fund have organized an "Homage to Octavio Paz" to be held at the Theatrette of the State Parliament House (Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000) on Wednesday, 30th September, 1998, at 6:00 p.m.
The program for the evening will include readings of Paz's poetic works by distinguished literary, academic and media personalities, and the projection of portions of a television interview granted by Paz last year, where he read some of his own poems.
Octavio Paz, a man of letters, was first and foremost a poet, although perhaps he is better known for his essays on art, literature, poetry and anthropology, as well as on the history and politics of Mexico. A prolific writer, he was considered one of the more important intellectuals of our time and received many important literary prizes and awards, including the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1990. He died in Mexico City on the 20th of April 1998, at the age of 84.
Further information from the Consulate General of Mexico
Level. 1, 135-153 New South Head Road (P.O. Box 545)
Edgecliff NSW 2027 Sydney, Australia
Tel: (61-2) 9326-131 1 Fax: (61-2) 9327-1 1 10
Photo: Octavio Paz (left), Julio Cortázar, Alberto Gironella

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