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Keston Sutherland : poem
To evade cinereous ice which cut
      back repro were they set
up for retraversing as
      if incomparably or mute her
skips a beat, recall it were the attached
      remit-plaudition to faded
trust to appear refreshed, her for
      skips back put allayed in
stantial, should there ever be
      come back as a choice, now I adore
her will not be remote fast to
      hide which cut
remark that, age of my stray through honey
      suckle and flaring
rayon to put undercut said probate retrans
      mission to sink
a fortune, angelic edicts scattered and bent
      on a rise in fine
mind and clemency set up put tract
      able to sigh scoured fire, wink
out at her, grazing
      her wrists, on ice:
slowly the park is colourless
      it should become that
re-entered way, not and of to begin
      with more to begin with you
should hear say a bent put by, no way were that what just
      inside its own stayed
flare you'll ask to freeze, high vacuum
      conditioning to a crass jot all in
rate-saccharine stop how stop how put
      by does her
the park is flashing does
terror die on in shoved hypo pigeon self-help self left that die
      in vs cash out ab-hypo
respite they should all be alert
      I can see the sea-waves converting
I am torn by a contentless anxiety
      pink and yellow, top end
rasp caving in stop or put by gristle reflac my heart's on
      fire and ice redound
if you may now to her to her now do not stop
      we were pleased with the news
started to rain then must get obliged to go
      on to the go on route sallying
rooks at bay they do notice are as contrite too late they notice
      love under the drill, so sunk
base beneath their clatter arrested break off gaze
      up at a rising
sky, levelling
      whisper; to gasp-
proof that I am
      to lie is
another lie flan debit mash liability obliged to prevent cabbage stuffed up

      high as the swindled stars can be
are now with just repressive ease, twinkling
      by me as, I ask
break were there storm outside would then say on be proof
      were light on at her heel, advancing
calmly at access recession on in via stay which contrived
      need for a lowest care
could slide and blur down rate super-astro I love you
      circa moderate L.E.D. tocsin
utter darkness, all together we had approached in
      saying which I
all together we were stop my mouth
      is full can't were hopeful we
had hoped to approach, to a fanfare
      from a blaze just skipped out had the right turn
over and trust still full over had
      we done this
she asks, I frown at the fireside pane and smoke
      idles out of her
budget alarm break on put wasp-incut by as little
      to do through the playground, the intercepted letter
of the Abbé Guyot on our minds we
      were approaching had
more time did
      choking in enraged
hope stay with us for for
      ever step up money down step
down pay up stop flat:
      I am content with a contentless anxiety,
cobalt and indigo, see the sea-rudders
I, Keston Sutherland, am from the royal dale
      from here within which we may watch
out at the sleep and dew blitzed
      weeks one two watch sit as a united put
down to put up with
      held her to sit at we did it all go on to crouch
at to infer a watch set, no relief
      for those for whom the taxes are fated
sweat spurting from down in those people
      do say barbaric seely
lilt of the crossbreeze just where      
      it is in between what you find just
ice and crimes of toy fire convert to a deft plain
      hope and what time
was it I
      had better be on
my part
      I am twice loyal
not cattle at fear deposit here too tautened grades of bright
      pollen see disaffected swaying
out of hand shot pollen see
      not pollen please trust
me too I'm scared
      there is an opening in prick garnish
she is a part of this
      storm put out snapping in
place I was buying cocaine it
      from a friend I
too part of the destiny
      of fen drainage circa 1641 here
too, here, as I am, not
      cattle not see not put cracked in
pollen-sea gay wave upon
      she is alert now
she has been alert the whole time, please sit
      down and still, now, and hear
what she should like to say: ait
      enim iram esse cupidi-
tatem doloris reponendi
      splash out on your cunt-chaw and fuck off
here upon peace data to rely
      let your grip drift, down
stream and there to the side not
      idle contrary perfusive there
will be less
      to break
you do you
      hear listen, lapping
there will be less
      we put this
to the executive stayed by a new iron
      reflex and can shift
much as like but
      rust in no peril
I am relying
      just elsewhere on despotic brutism,
as are you,
      ink pig

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