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J A C K E T  # 6
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John Kinsella :
And Everyone Gathered In Objection Yet Again
                    for Robert Adamson
And suddenly there was a presence,
as if it were worth something,
the pylons sticking up out of the water
like busted bones out of flesh.
A waterbird landed but didn't make
much of an impression - a damp squib
by comparison - though a couple
of old timers couldn't take their
eyes off it. Bloody voyeurs
somebody muttered, and the bird,
as if taking offence on their behalf,
lifted and vanished into the confident
glow of the poem, the crowd
encrypting itself into the scene's
diffident colouration, troughed
and crested like the hum of the current.
Poet Robert Adamson, photo John Tranter  

Right: Australian poet
Robert Adamson
photograph copyright © John Tranter 1999


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