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Sheila Murphy
Five Untitled Pieces
Let's go someplace, sit and seem
Intelligent. The more I see you,
The more I trace captivity's
Dry branches, comb the sequels
Of past atmosphere. The lowly
Afternoons form silences.
Are we agendas
Landed simplified,
Imposed, deposed of grounding
Features, benefits and
Damages to lock in toward
A view of slumber in the tall tale
Rounding hills with unclaimed
Dowry, sanctified by feeling
Droned, indemnified, and dealt with
In the tea-toned silver of a nearby noon?
Frets stave off propinquity.
From where I work,
The spindle's crazed with
Icons over the limit,
Leaving pictures
Where we work. Floor syllables
Perfume dreams out of bounds.
A wanted passage lures us
To time off the clock
Wearing comforts.
Is the love of many pens
A form of promiscuity?
Quipped earthen lactose backfield
In my arms, requires mint
Blasphemy to hustle the arcane
Press of a dimwit cusp.
Symmetrical malaise aloof
For now re-swindles steaming
Acreage to seed by
Laminate rubricity.
The long short long
Area map prophesies
Hip boot amnesty
To truncate
Many this-es,
Thats, toward the
Fracas in our heart
Untangled focally.
Our megamere
Enlightened feathercap
Willpoints of
Precis, partway hatched.
Let me waste time in your eyesight,
Own nothing learned in bounds,
Cheat both of us when
Documents begin to feed themselves
A scrawl onto plain shirts
We don't wear without emblems
That remind us to vote according to
Conscience, pasteurize some something,
Let fly the vectorotomy of blood baths
Reeling from the sentenced game face
Layering attention in broad
Starless stripes breaking the tire
In shreds the size of kisses winking
After surges
Least presumed, least
Vulnerable to accident's surrender.
In your arms meaning
In your arms least captioned,
Consonance affords snow's brevity,
Of vintage trees
And shells unbroken,
Juxtaposed as
Fondly, slowly
Woven generosity
Unto a veneration
Pieced to mean
This loveliness
Against a pressing
Grain on wood, the tame
Amendment wafer's
Shy, evolving
And entwined interior.
Sheila Murphy
Sheila Murphy 
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