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Brian Kim Stefans
The Apple Generation 


Sound poets
that don't sound like
withered narcissists -
      that's America
to me. On
to the next chump.
It retains philosophy
      as an extravascular
this fatal habit
of smoking while
      singing. Blue moons . . .
don't have 'em in the
nineties, but
the fifties
      bound them
to soporific bleats.
This way . . .  dalliance
with puritan exoskeleton:
      Pop balloons,
they go pop
with demonic pitch.
Younger than
      driving age, then
younger than
drinking age, but
younger than drinking
      age, not necessarily
too young.
This is a private
fasceme. Pushed back
      into the
mind-altering stages
of youth, sublimity
takes on many moldy
to forge the hack.
It's claustrophobosophecy
on Broadway, all
      naked and humming
when everyone's dressed
for football.
Stalling courage
      fakes it, in the wind.
The stadiums pop.


Brian Kim Stefans, NYC, 1998

Brian Kim Stefans, left, with two unidentified friends, after a reading at the Double Happiness bar, New York City, November 1998


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