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Stephen Bett

Mishearing Again 


Put your pillows
all in a line

I hear Madonna on my
daughter's ghetto-blaster
good advice far as I
can tell, & serviceable
dense in possibility
Beaten to submission, fluff,
shoot in a row (quack quack)
prioritize pleasure partners, less
extreme than barrel sports
advance posture, soft
linkage stuffed boy toys,
dispensing S & M instruction
Most of it, second thought,
woman with a case of
been there, done that
the fame vehicle thing
just stacks up mileage
til another choice of


Stephen Bett

Stephen Bett has had two books of poetry published - Cruise Control (Ekstasis Editions, 1996) and Lucy Kent and other poems (Longspoon Press, 1983) - and his writing has appeared in over fifty journals in Canada, the U.S., and Britain, as well as in two anthologies, and on radio. He is a member of the English Dept at Langara College in Vancouver, B.C., on the Canadian west coast, and lives with his wife (a zoologist) and two children in nearby Deep Cove.


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