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Gerald Schwartz

Death in Florida


The road we did take
that winds for miles
through the Keys, creeps
along the shore shaded
by conifers and jack pine,
thick with hidden birds,
sandy conclave of horse-tail,
detritus and small lizards,
berries of some kind grown
through parts of rusted cars -
this is the stretch, where
last night, Ponce de Leon
was vainglory poisoned,
alligator dunged; here
we lift handfuls of wet sand;
clots fall apart, our hands
are empty and we eat
horizon for hours.


Gerald Schwartz
Gerald Schwartz, who has studied with Irish-American poet John Montague, has worked in collaboration with the performance ensemble Solomons Ramada, as well as with drummer/percussionist Mike Lopez and sound-designer/guitarist Damian Catera. Work out or forthcoming in Northeast Corridor, FLIM and POTEPOETZINE (on the Web). He also reviews for RAINTAXI and RHIZOME, both on the Web.


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