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Kate Lilley : three poems

Quality Control  /  As Is  /  Georgic


    Quality Control
Formidable or freaked-out
make up your mind on the honeymoon

a turban creates a sense of occasion
over the holiday weekend

shop-soiled like a melamine tabletop
a sale beats breach of promise

the working bee will reconvene
for an impromptu quiz

I'll supply the transcript
of a feud on the factory floor


    As Is
Lonely stairway not so long ago
a raincoat's floral lining

local girls trying seconds and samples
no exchange or refund

chiasmus of symptom and side effect
flooding chemical debris

strophe and antistrophe in the garment district
The waterfall attracts its share of losers.
Nearby flowers recite past favourites unselfconsciously,
bowing their heads to the grass as the mercury falls.
Jocund and lowing abreact,
whistling charms the furrows.
The aesthetics of picnics gather parks
and trays embossed with birds and branches.
Lunch is served in the royal enclosure
by costumed swains and youths glad of the work.
Dishevelled planets grow up in arrears
and shed their light like imported brocade
used in the manufacture of evening bags.



Kate Lilley
Kate Lilley teaches at the University of Sydney, Australia. You can read her response to Bob Perelman's "The Marginalization of Poetry" in Jacket # 2.


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