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Ulli Freer



angle anatomy
jade jawed
within an abundantly green interior
quick drying
plants glisten fresh dust
lines and veins smudged into binding
bank the flora bargain
held up
lapwing from traffic
stanza flutter
air conditioned climes
a pacing cooler
a barrenness
until driven through
burning visa
risk a whisper
lisp deterrer fracture radio

a curt snarl
dusts corrupted
towed tweeds
how the policy rusted
clasps closed spine

held a caller
peak pack
purse sharing stake brilliant
diapered to form
to disappear

to take underground
border spared
compacts finals
decadence debt synchronise

swank with sunk
dwelled dilettante dimension passion
graft on lying in close association
on the face of it survive ledge
flexed at elbow
fine sandy old trackway
found writing at speed
of dental eruption corporates
with no hairstyle
snapped lifestyle
uniformity sun-up
superficially sloping down
spirals close twist
worsted garment weave
sleep rivets
these socket accounts
scribe any attachment missing cut away
roar becomes a snore
in a dream
roaming rim of river
light-headed linger lost grip and collapse
amethyst lifeless ornament via pager
out of business
closed sign on fist

mud may buy lining of a luminous wall
and mouth movie much
backward animations
whilst nervy neighbours crack the clay settled upon
hang from flower box plateau
an everyman château as rules of engagement
marketing marriage
darkening passage
no further ornamentation
to the verge


altitude an ambiguous impression
bookie bake palpations
marks in money
funny it pierced
terminal rendezvous manoeuvres
a controversial stare
a panic struck lover's fingerprint
estimated ghost spinning
meaning once gave
another colour to hands
clouds to weep to

prints a goodbye replica repack
covered with an inky membrane
night at the pit apertures
prepared from surface
while from within
sigh & heave anchor
as a mariner dangled rope
breathe a cap size
& come spring may i counting
knot response look in each wave
lends a splintered solar system
shards of light cut to darkness lost ash

whilst paper crumbles before eyes
with whom according
law of attraction
a two body prescribed
one weightless
as though need
scrolled upon faceplate
between visor views
relay relationship dependence
an invention intention
a map of conserve you
eludes folding
and shreds an air of blown
speed well fingered
rows of spruce yellow dry
that rattle branches
to greater skylark scatters
mirrage of urban conifers
cones & dishes

cypresses for cynics
transport decay exposing obselesants
got the dress sense
inversion triads moving in parallels
thickening a melodic line
attachment plates damage
depression on broad facade
and skin also present

narrow voice reception
touching slowed with aversion
display validity blocks parity checking
a babble band response
over talk bandage
remote iron central
semi-detached behind hard wire
get micro scratched from filings
feel the force textured intervals doubling
clear period tongue contacting
in an originator non-chord tone
conceivably paid reason
lips magnetic

density impulse specific
skin presented said
night scented
blue lobelia
crystal palace
fountain mix trailing
dug in
disturbance roots
spacing option collapse
where any interfacing fixed
answer back message fades
to doors disintegrating
a mode code excluded
free from deduction
its plain opening
in a layered white
a padded appearance
curves backing cotton
seeking indigo blurs
blue abundance
blink of an eye blisters certayne drawings
a wizen circumference networks
experience to hold down emotion
stagnation drops the skin stone undertow
a paranoid status penetrating trust latitudes
pulse vehement in pieces bolt enclaves
a gentrified fallout limehouse rail links
cough a nonchalant air a choke grief partying
understatement dipped in polyurethane foam

regulated in a made up base
in an armchair suspended
above sighting well flecked
meet pitted
all verticals embellishment for household
highly yarn
enclose a centre block
articulates rosettes
dyed deep recurring

yet makes a screen acceptable veneer
burnt oak polish bitter wormwood
beats old in hot constitutions
comes portable double spy bear purging well
contaminates itch frontiers steel elements
headrest various positions
appropriate table lamp directed shade trade eyes

compartmentalised sound wave wraps
robotic large screw sturdy
tripod traditional respectability violence
a scream
to mute

wiped smoking glass facilitates
lens prison out paced
in hoodwink fancy
a derivative notion
where heart hooked horizontal
yet visualise vivacious
with anonymous grasping
waive or entwine
from tempo heard impulsive

puffs a fluffed fibre glass insulation insecurity
illusion windows
to a set light consumption
from floor to ceiling assumes
floated deviation bathes
a pre-set neck zipper an endurance plus

glided with rust in a foil speedway suit

beside the titles squeezed between shelving

partial expenditure written across
bar code

a unit of closeness
that merely scans yearns

locking acquisition in
a step shut-down
screening out breathing in

lock into green eyes

salt up these words

in the nasa space dictionary
read on swallowed tablets
lived by
divert your variety
red lead mixed
most potent line
swan expressing
my eyes
from beetles
to farmyard
heighten your stalks to talks
give a slight wash
of carmine
have cybernetic quivers
& comments upon
shewn the nature
catalogue smells
geranium manner
of delicacy
& extremely
proceed to another
twilight zero
medium modem
sugar coat enrich

told which must be done gallstone
overcooked lettuce to wipe nerve ends
liquid purple agreeably deep stipple
upon them
stranded some concrete beech
& tarmac

described background by chewing out
a stare mortars
crouched in doorway
expanding chest
between knot of an unopened parachute
tangles a heart jump
small island
having a square
to wander

many lines crossing vital
a medium sized hand
barely held feather
lets go touch
moulted scribble
repel meaning pressed
never occurred petal
from the leg
of table
this margin requires capital
starkly additives trading
storm residue
shoe prints in an oral bite mark
in a few good steps noted
explicit motion
germ buckle total
diagram moon with function glove
clutch a wall nozzle
load down references
crude potassium
a fine grained deflection
a reverse depiction
sampler patched triangulations
pulled right
muscles on stone less cherry
empty stage eyes and body floats around upside-down world
limbs stretched
splits across hemispheres
edge opposite
next lime

crystal solid engagements
drop frog making connections
bids and blossom heads pine
brushed sign
maze like spots
wax flows from document
a convenient passage of oak carving
wrecks brackets where light flows in
pencil to lips sap green
flatlands application of telepresence
cut off by dense growth pressure
changing at bottom of the ocean ordnance chance
or cameras or whatever
headphones be a welding torch
change in ray brightness dance
look at building
to see a red horse


photo of Ulli Freer

Ulli Freer was born in 1947 in Luneburg ,Germany, and now lives in London, where he paints, performs, and publishes.

His work has been published in numerous magazines including Angel Exhaust, tongue to boot, o.ars, paper air, and Exact Exchange Yearbook. Anthologies - the ear (australia), Vox off angleterre (paris) Matieres d' angleterre (amiens), New British Poetry (Paladin, London), and Other (Wesleyan University Press)

Most recent publications include Eyeline (Spanner, Hereford 1996) 7 Inch Contents (Writers Forum, London 1997). 1998 Lamplight - serial spontaneous performances to CCTV lenses in Central London continues.

You can read Robert Sheppard's article, "Adhesive Hymns: Creative Linkage in the Recent Work of Ulli Freer", in Issue # 9 of Jacket.


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