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Dale Smith : Obit Sonnets


DECEMBER 10, 1999

                    (for Ed Dorn)

Socratic bullets brain the narrow witted
Charmers and snake oil technicians who
Inherit a new order of human
Progress gripping a bull by the balls
The rambler takes new course among a band
Of star forms stitched in a Far West sky
Above the banks Embarrass to Hugh's Town
Brokers Dellianaires and other dis-
Possessed post-industry clerks eyes blurred
On pixeled screens' obital pages
Ashes spread high in rocky mountains
Fuck it, it feels like a hole in the sky
Yellow pages selling Amazons
Dot com confident triumphant win-win

DECEMBER 29, 1999

                    (for the Lone Ranger)

He signed his picture at a car show
When I was a kid, standing nervously
Under the gaze of the black masked man
Who told me, when I asked, that Tonto
Was away somewhere with Silver and Scout
Guns balanced on his double-holstered hips
Ranger in a crowded Dallas arena
It was later the courts ordered him
To remove the mask, and it was after
Jay Silverheals died before he could
Wear it again in a role that he lived
Since the '50s when trumpeting rhythms
Of the William Tell brought him to a world
Gone today for the actor Clayton Moore

DECEMBER 26, 1999

                    (for Marcel)

The Prince Marcel Socks curled post mortem
Xmas stresses released in a late century's
Final terrorist bomb search closing
The city Seattle SF's Chinatown
New Year's celebrations that hold the seeds
Promise doom even after a record
Retail season and rave reviews of
"Columbine: the Musical" by Andrew Lloyd
Morphia embraced said prince by the neck
Bringing within moments a warm relief
Breath calm as the heart slowed into cat's dream
Time for a second needle and final launch
Into inert nothing fluorescent lights
Home in Egyptian gnostic lavender


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