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Kate Fagan : two poems
from the sequence return to a new physics



crossing flowers,
a morning becomes
instantly red and yellow
a trade of
perfectly animate matter

what is it about narcissism
that suggests
only deserved loss as an option,
when detailing the space
of conflict
is possible
and exquisite?

saluting air,
contesting vacancy,
we sift and pull among
calm strings of zeroes


& each time the moment falls
the emphasis of the moment falls
into time differently

continued presencing
if not the present

these caring accretions,
the life that has gone
as detail,
repeating in place

each time the tongue moves
it moves into time differently

doing, undoing
a bundle of precisely-wired blue
& this & this


Kate Fagan

Kate Fagan is a Sydney writer and musician whose poems have appeared in various journals including Salt, Meanjin and The Prague Revue. A pamphlet entitled return to a new physics was published by Vagabond Press earlier this year. Kate is currently completing a PhD thesis on Lyn Hejinian's writings.

Photo copyright © Bergen O'Brien, 1999


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