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Tony Lopez - Two poems


      Units for Rent

because it is purely
extravagant belief
from which he draws
the growth of meaning
depends precisely upon
always coming later
which is no secret
a mistake I think
peculiarly attractive
worn on the lips
inscribing or grafting
a normal viewing distance
or suspended relation
in all its vitality
the impression of brightness
comes at a price
which decribes the process
here on the level
a precarious road
parallel with this
finally integrated
figurative potential
a transport policy
or meaning intention
moment of intuition
in all its self-presence
resists the intrusion
of necessary business
episodic or empty
planted in a grid
no longer absolute
because it is purely
ideological mirage


      Equal Signs

migratory paths
seem more solid
precisely because
of devoted sisters
restored to health
as contending forces
for this remapping
hadn't yet begun
the period in which
to borrow money
shimmering metals
infinitive phrases
under the table
where she continues
inscribed on the frame

beyond these isles
he gets freaked out
by sheer diversity
a larger field
at the moment when
economic logic
with berries in it
can free this girl
symbolic capital
is full of noises
subtle and profound
in which any item
is a pathway into
the welfare state
a veil of allegory

the nuclear family
freely interwoven
as a critical matrix
brought to the fore
from virtual testing
of strategic imbalance
fierce, moody, patient
complicit in slavery
altogether abandoned
secular parables
at the level of culture
behavioural data
is used to infer
non-random features
closed at one end

a shift in subject
the most visible product
was forced to watch
outside the window
each kind of feeder
whose interest is justice
needs to be needed
though they oppose it
push to flush
recover the rivals
inarguably marginal
diasporic peoples
always the others
attempt to defer

took possession of
a magic lantern
to bring about change
at the going down
in isolation
hoped to evade
many of these aspects
or stomach acids
could open the door
most lying slave
surprised the art world
with serrated edges
continues to evolve
this means of redress
from moment to moment

never fully empirical
I want to suggest
a religious gloss
on the social text
was anti-comedic
the comeback king
contains vivid colour
was himself downloaded
between source and filter
to possess the land
without test explosions
the simplest hypothesis
a standing wave
all human emotion
a means by which

lines crossed out
a boat adrift
withholds new evidence
layered on white
as legitimation
for ordinary people
that might be lost
in compact fission
which clouded perceptions
of enterprise culture
whose contradictions
always already
the most prismatic
add deeper meanings
left unresolved

by human agency
out of the programme
at various intervals
hoped to evade
short-term winners
and yet because
in toxic gas
the sole foundation
fails to describe
the outside choice
so is she elided
as the land itself
reinforced harmonics
returns to buildings
so recently burned


The poem "Units for Rent" lis from the recent collection Devolution, published by The Figures, 5 Castle Hill Avenue, Great Barrington MA 01230, USA; distributed by Small Press Distribution, Berkeley, CA:

You can read another poem by Tony Lopez and a bio note in Jacket # 4.


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