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Gary Catalano — Two poems

Spanish Photograph 2

It’s just as well
photographs can’t convey
the stench of these
irrigation ditches

beyond the plain
whitewashed walls
of Fuentevaqueros,
where the sun falls

with the weight of steel
and oranges blaze
in the courtyard
of a dead poet.


Out walking one morning
to the rue de Bretagne

through empty
streets and cold

face-slapping air
walls are the colour

of an old newspaper
and each breath

a dense cloud
straight out of Léger

or Monet’s painting
of the Gare St-Lazare

("Spanish Photograph 2" was first published in Quadrant magazine)

Gary Catalano has published widely on both art and literature and is the author of eleven books, among them a Selected Poems published by the University of Queensland Press in 1993. You can read three prose poems by Gary Catalano and a biographical note in Jacket 4.

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