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Chris Wallace-Crabbe

Knowing the Score

It wasn’t exactly a right-of-way and
I got there by the skin of my teeth,
reaching that Volvo in the nick of time.
They were part of the city parking crew
and the two of them were fiddling around
at the car in front there, out of synch:
luck of the devil was on my side.
I began to like the look of the day,
feeling that I must have got out of
a more-or-less right side of the bed:
something of the kind, I thought,
not being fond of parking tickets
but in need of coffee pretty soon, and
revving round the corner like a bat out of hell.

It wasn’t precisely the end of the world
but a bit of a hassle there, you know.
Getting it right is my cup of tea.

Chris Wallace-Crabbe’s most recent collection of poems, Whirling, was published by Oxford University Press in 1998, followed by Author, Author!, a wicked collection of literary anecdotes. You can read two poems by Chris Wallace-Crabbe and a more detailed bio note in Jacket # 8.

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