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This issue of JACKET is a co-production with New American Writing magazine
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Susen James


From other realms vibration is set into an orbit of message circulating like a moebius strip until the said is intercepted

The response to such communicado serves to divide the populace into two distinct groupings; Sleepers and Hearers, Sleepers here defined more encompassingly than simply “the person at rest” for thus Sleep also occurs when such person resides in a state of wakeful.

Hearers are of two persuasions; Vocational Hearers and True Hearers. Vocational Hearers can be discerned as they have achieved their Hearing through conscious effort, work and study. Occasionally they devise systems to increase their qualities, i.e. crowns of receptive metals made to circle their frontal to occipital skull, small round holes drilled through skullbones in the templar regions and/or holding french horns or tubas to their left ear orifice to increase amplification. The True Hearer has no need for such appliances, her body itself serves as receiver.

True Hearers are of three characters;

  1. Awareness of pulsings, parlance, inconsistencies, Hearing perhaps without the Hearer’s engagement.
  2. Discernible words or cleanly detectable tonings.
  3. Mutual communicants. Active participation in said Hearing events. The ability to recall.

True Hearers ofttimes are identified through description of a first encounter which left her “shaken,” “perplexed” and asking “why me” as she was instantly aware of the responsibility placed upon her.

Laughing sounds often serve as a transport system from one plane of consciousness to another.

In past generations, Hearers were referenced as soundboards, future howlers or afterwands.

Hearers are accused of suffering from sentimentia. When in the holy state of Hearing she may speak foreign tongues, plashing psycholingo, glyph phrasings and knells. When confronted, Ms. Y was told, after she had uttered fluid stutterings in wide irregular panels, “You have been outside your body, sissy, and FYI you scream like a girl.” The True Hearer takes such heckling in stride.

Eyelashes, in a True Hearer, may serve as “antennæ” with possible further stimulation of facial ticks, at whose notification said Hearer retires to a sequestery found at perfect coordinates of longitude and attitude, to register aurals. Listen she must until she derives great meaning from or quiescence occurs.

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This issue of Jacket is a co-production with New American Writing magazine
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