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This issue of JACKET is a co-production with New American Writing magazine
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Kerri Sonnenberg — Two poems

Dilutions Wears Each Bending

— for Sawako Nakayasu

asking to determine truer pleats
                through ells than pulled

             instead waters      to cull
to break tired ebbs over through eaves

                    time avails to duplicates
               to oscillating thusly
      through colloquially tremolo

portends withal the I
             the fit all
              to deeming tributary
                      rubble to prove

the give takes twice the surge
                                                                 such to gesture to
         gleaned truce via tracing furl
to suit the legible opening once bruised
                                  traffic folds
                                                       turnings circle to depletion

It or to Parse Upon White

white    is    right    now    and    there    all    or    nail
shadow    labor    in    grading    surface    of    no
hue    or some    but    how    and    in    delay    seen
only    assisted    exaggerating    like    blue    fit    for    flesh
that    unbrushed    is refused    a    bowl    to    contain
the    corners    of    your    frame or    if    hand    too
and    hones    a    rough    bead    of    negative    space
so    much    the    profession    of    something    fleeted
inasmuch    as    bathed    admits    under    winter    throes
allow    some    felling    light    spare    as    notch
that  wants    of    window    through    the    grain
in    keeping    classic   the    forms    of    transference
as    in    one    able    only    to    travel
atop    host    and    so    is    ever    pending
arrival    keeps    to    stone    the    word    of    it    considered
but    for    a    knife    could    without    how    be    so
thought    in    present  white    this    did    fill
a    missed    vessel    of    print    whether    thick
and   every   weathers   in   slight   piece   no   feast  of   remaining
it    or    that    think    snug    a    slipping
being    white    though    a    what    better

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