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J.Nicole Hoelle

In Leaving That New England

to learn land
that painted me into the howl
that forgot to say its source
in standing around
puff smoke and smirk of dusks

throwing you out of the adventure
out of punches of windows
I toss the plagues,
the gulp and push
of dream

you are well into the brackets

there is no method
for answering your city, as it reuses me
soft with sins,
the all around aeon film on days that nearly fell out of my body
to throb and tint with it,
October blow chalk smoke locomotives
better for the blot now
for the already shovelled off dough and dinge of kidhooods,
Polar and gone-mouthed
I will scar your inventions,
close my fist on the examples of bones,
the slip and nod
of all the urges to further be.

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