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David Lehman

March 4

I don’t know about the catalogue copy of my book
On the phone I read it to Bill who says
it could be a major motion picture what a hook
high concept with Tom Hanks as John Ashbery
and Kevin Spacey as Frank O’Hara we’re having
trouble casting the other two and Bill thinks I should
go with the Matt Damon generation while my mind
turns naturally to the long deceased Montgomery
Clift as the young James Schuyler but who would
play Professor Wizard alias Kenneth Koch and who
Jane Freilicher cracking wise as Robert de Niro
playing Larry Rivers pursues her in Mean Streets
with Gerry Mulligan on sax this is rapidly
turning into my poem of the day, Bill, and I wish
I could join you at Pravda with the rest of the cast
(regards to Jaye tell her to get well fast)

This poem is from David Lehman's new book,
The Evening Sun (Scribner, 2002).

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