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Angel Hair feature

Ted Berrigan: For You

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New York’s lovely weather hurts my forehead
here where clean snow is sitting, wetly
round my ears, as hand-in-glove and
head-to-head with Joe, I go reeling
up First Avenue to Klein’s. Christmas
is sexy there. We feel soft sweaters
and plump rumpled skirts we’d like to try.
It was gloomy being broke today, and baffled
in love: Love, why do you always take my heart away?
But then the soft snow came sweetly falling down
and head in the clouds, feet soaked in mush
I rushed hatless into the white and shining air,
thankful to find release in heaven’s care.

from Angel Hair 6, Spring 1969

David Berrigan, Sandy Berrigan and Kate Berrigan,
Florida, 1968. Photo by Lewis Alper.
Courtesy of Sandy Berrigan

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