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Angel Hair feature

Bill Berkson: Sheer Strips

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An Ok Sunday
                               ‘folks down at the fountain —
                                                                              they’re not our people’

the racing season’s over
                                               Saratoga’s Broadway’s
                                                                              nearly empty, sunning-


the big spruce don’t seem to mind
                                                                          nor the maples;
                                                                                                         getting milder

can drive around here and see some great sights
           Skidmore’s Texas-style new campus (Texas money encroaching)
                hear Marshall Hanson and his Hamp for Soul Inc at the

Grill (‘no broken-bottle fighting, please, or out side’)
           The Doors on at the Performing Arts Center (‘oooooooo’)
                     eat good fried chicken at the Chicken Shack (‘thanks, Gary’)

flies on old wire screens
                                                    mildew on the mansions
                                                                                                        Union Avenue

                               and downtown
(‘zero percent chance of rain’)
                               young kids milling around with McCarthy buttons
                                               still on, four days after convention

                               not so glum —
they shoot the shit at ease on fences
                                                                             The Red Barn and
           other folks rocking out the porch at the Rip Van Dan the Adelphi

and congratulations Linda and Doug whoever you are
                                               at the Holiday
                                                                          Inn, muggy couples;

the ceiling lowers, prices down —
                                                     but grass prices up! two joints of soggy

and L’Avventura slips into focus at last
                                                                          (‘Perche, Anna’)
                                                                                         (cheating —

was last night) Sunday
                         papers Sunday breakfast (always ‘missed’)
                                                   Sunday Brenda Starr hard to come by here

for the New York Enquirer?’
      well? huh? is it going to be a sun kiss and a hug? uh huh?
           or the burst you’ve all been waiting for?

                               and then what ?

9. 4. 68

from Angel Hair 6, Spring 1969

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Bill Berkson, Bolinas, CA, February 1972.
Photo courtesy of Larry Fagin.

Photo of Bill Berkson

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