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Angel Hair feature

Edwin Denby:

‘Out of Bronx subway...’

Cover of Angel Hair anthology

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Out of Bronx subway June forest
A blue mallard drums the stream’s reach
Duckling proud crosses lilyleaf
The thinnest of old people watch
And Brooklyn subway, Apt 5J
Dozen young marvelous people
A painter’s birthday,we’re laughing
Real disaster is so near us
My joke on death they sweetly sink
Sunday follows, sleepy June rain
Delighted I carry icecream
A few blocks to my friends’ supper drenched
Baby with my name, old five weeks
I hold after its bath, it looks

from Angel Hair 5, Spring 1968

Edwin Denby standing in front of a Painting by George Schneeman, NYC, circa 1968. Photo courtesy Linda P. O'Brien.

Photo of Edwin Denby

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