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Angel Hair feature

Dick Gallup: Guard Duty

Cover of Angel Hair anthology

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A blind child clutches a 3" fish
Summer camp, a miracle on 5th Avenue
Little hints of reality marching
Across the back of the bus
I’m not riding

A quarantine falls over the picture
And it is like nothing was ever there
Or rather there seems to be a bug
On the sidewalk I am examining
That doesn’t figure because I need a drink
And I don’t drink

And then a dog walks through a window
A tiny flashlight
In the pastures of childhood
Which no one seems interested in
Neglecting, bright quadrangles opening
On a square I knew, I guess
In the manner in which a dog knows his master
Or a fish his particular fish pond
Liquids returning to their own level
Or the dog passing another window
In a house I know is there
If only by reputation

from Angel Hair 4, Winter 1967–68

Dick Gallup, NYC, May 1971. Photo by Larry Fagin. Photo courtesy Larry Fagin

Photo of Dick Gallup

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