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Angel Hair feature

Lewis Warsh:

Inside Long Treks

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But is there an edge
inside the earth           acquitting
the rosy crimes with smoke
rolls over the ground            That in
innocence you allot
empty teeth shiver of emotions so strongly felt
on aimless walks and the future
an old world slips away

The strip of leather has not reappeared
drifting from the blue motor
files, and the walls (with no south)
is why I do not wake like steel
at quitting time
follow a mobile cut, the dull
humming prefers this

Father she blink a chair the mobile swings
and the walls fall away, fall like
a plane dive into a ditch            But
is there a ditch here            a blank
area between windows
south of this, forgotten, leaving
shoulders and walls exposed humming, while
he takes a walk to find records which tell him this

The walls he feels desperate to tell
someone this            in the spot begins my life
of emotions come back, on aimless walks
to record in innocence has touched and felt her
someone with him is cut down but the silence begins this

I leave my cigarettes where I return
with a spot on it and the steel in my teeth
will not shiver. With shoulders exposed
at empty moments a cry with no future
bed            On walks to a strip records
the only person I look to

We eat everything, cough go blank
in a chair    cannot promise

aimless walks each in order to smooth
removes a hand            each time on walks
falls to shivering a cigarette is taken

down snow paths but he is cut down a mobile
appears        car I am inside her
my continued emotion prefers this

from Angel Hair 3, Summer 1967

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