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Joe Brainard feature

Maxine Chernoff: Sonnet:

Some Things I Miss About Joe

Photo of Joe Brainard

A golden tan
Strawberry shortcake biscuits on July 4
How he couldn’t be quite lousy enough to lose to me at croquet
Sending him books and getting ones back, including the great Barbara Pym
His kindness to Koren, then only seven, the first time that we met —
how he ‘saved’ her from a snake in Kenward’s garden
Birthday postcards and surprises — once a hundred-dollar bill!
Nervous, dancing shoulders
How nice he smelled — was it Oil of Olay?
A handsome Armani suit
Mellow, beautiful paintings
His cigarette habit that made smoking seem sexy again
An umbrella he lent me when he was too ill to care about umbrellas
How his hair was graying toward distinction in some future he never reached

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