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Joe Brainard feature

David Lehman: For Joe Brainard

(December 20, 2000)

Photo of Joe Brainard

The road sign said snow
‘Well, I never said it was spring’
in 1968 in whose loft downtown
under a cobweb of broken glass
a butterfly beneath a branch within
a border of blue 1953 Easter Seals
at a party I forget the sun surrounded
by streaks of blue and white in a frame
and a wave crashing against it
the logic a rhyme of college and collage
the logic a rebus the message simple
Nancy a blueprint bingo cherries
and two fragments of handwritten letters       
big block letters neat I looked at the book
the road sign said snow the other signs
were covered with snow not erased
in the bathroom nude guys and
a bare-breasted woman who was she
she is our queen one of them said
everyone knew everyone else except me
‘I’m not really flying I’m thinking’
& the three hairs in the sink spelled out Joe

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