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Joe Brainard feature

Anne Waldman:

“& color changed & her hair tossed loose”

Photo of Joe Brainard

of Joe

more than stutter
his silence
we’re in the room both working

drawing w/human body & face of a flower
you callin’ me a pansy?

I am a secular Joe
American throughout
carry a flowing
body, hunched
the better to see you
then dead

horrible horrible

no I am a behemoth
woman outside time
sharp shadow
& desire of you
see ‘pon honour
read a recommended
tome long night
smoking &

least generous moments
his profound generosity
“transcendent friend”

take a taxi across the
continent to meet
a divide
why gone all those years?
hands hands
oh keep grieving
hands voice nerves

metabolic other
abuzz in the void
made “wonderful things”

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