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Overland magazine feature

Maxine Chernoff: two poems

A Small Sound

A silence

to things

for what’s

to be said

with for,

and if,

in October,

it is still


Miss Cedars

A bird and three days

of royal grey rain.

Opaque labelled sky.

Mount Fuji in fugue.

Hushed white pearls

posing in marzipan.

Merciless drugstore:

a patented cure.

Dalmatian coastline.

Good-bye sweet grievance.

Thinly disguised.

Maxine Chernoff lives in San Francisco. She is the author of six books of poems, most recently World from Salt Publications, and six collections of fiction including Some of Her Friends That Year, a new and selected stories from Coffee House Press. You can visit Maxine Chernoff's homepage at

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