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Overland magazine feature

Michael Farrell


the sons so dense according to a balustrade &
dead at each & here it sent as above & loaded
she bent things entered with grain & this sent his her dead
do not nobody out of sideways to their head &
he turned & his was still when they to the station which
it must carry him with all my son now it will go
fleas die & they he had come out of his but she in
visions have been said she had seen your father ears when
do not be & she remembered of you swallows were
i will go how could & it must be close your leisure
then stepped out & the here people carried & shuttled
little her young in the wagons outside & to part
they also & this their cattle & if they gained in
one of & came to get & all going it & his
to pick up into through slowly these are bags & who
if a man was in the to see & hate & if these
are more to together goodbye & his connect with
their sister also sixteen all the born gathering the
time to him way to of the party were like him in
wave he sent dressed to & white in just & they centre
of stairs had ready over up to here says & fell
is appalling a good went on now let common have
seen no more you are out that & to would soon go up
so much & will say she said who were would be to me
certainly for they see the flocks she knew all that &
though what is she wondered our youth to stay we & our
nothing may dwell going every did not to the
he would with their her things have come her young they are to
tip among so at & presented went in his one
they said underground as our two have come beneath the
land in electric is no woman who the famine
the guardian & now it might let your of their in
at them then down she & your her & to you for you
they soon & your her sleeves of the water with in the
blood & if & its able along one put them her
dead cattle just above in a little before what
she & with many are to the life & of the passed
sojourning the two & thirty in one been the her
other & they held a to her fathers in she
wont & watched the presence should be his father how his
a possession would be best he said commanded on
to his brothers tell him food was a of their they would
there was that they the famine service to land of said
by reason off just gathered up on to in the the
fog for the the ground brought the was as & when why he
spent in on me land of now is they bought & a the
money quite firmly when the get out & in did the
egyptians that give us on account we die minded
money is that give your sister to you food did not
if your they did brought their that might them were embarrassed
the horses seeing speak & he been spoken exchange
remarks that year out of year was they were following
of which we will part that our considered the herds she
was there is it was sight of for she bodies & she
went should we & it both we look up us & did not
& we she got slaves to steps she us seed on a live
& her young the land saw them so they hesitated for
all other sold their sweet so upon this trip & as
if she of them & miss other only & had he
did said which a fixed know on on the man broke
therefore they about that to the with this this day them
all pharaoh now an extra & you said to at the
her now a fifth she fall shall be & she field & a
pity & your those two you have heads may it all was
we will they saw made it & now the land her who stands
to them the should have & your of the has all become
is that in the i hear the land & then gained felt that
& were then she & it in the land & in so the
& said of his would mind years & the first that it &
his son better at to him to go found over her
put your out her & promise you mean with me yes he
but let doesnt carry & her me in a fixed i
will & taking & he spotted himself how his &
how it was then you son dear will then no one & sat
would come to not thanked me at he would & blessed out of

Michael Farrell is the Australia editor of slope (; he recently edited the email magazine Elves 1, available on request from He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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