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Overland magazine feature

Denis Gallagher


At the end of the hall
Glimpsed beyond the front door
A gathering of we literary
Passed down the hall   anywhere
A back garden  this blithe pool
Baby’s Tears  koi  and reflections

Indifferent meat of social intercourse
Dissolves  regurgitates  heaves  is spat
High over a stone wall
A potato vine  simpler than  smoke
Oblique to any opinion flourishes
This Sunday  convivially

Revile  is best rehearsed to sublimation
May grace save us from the social
For literary politics become stones
Wait on the first drink  follow the second
Overtaken by the third  poetry  contrary
Tougher than gristle  begs vodka

Veils are rent
Veils are not rent
Rent is irrelevant to poetry
You’re an idiot
You’re a bore
You’re all fluff

What a lovely day  the koi
The potato vine  look at it
Those yellow and white flowers enchant
Listen  it shall remain a stone
For yellow and white is not poetic
Now the black rabbit is over there

Since his first book of poetry International Stardom appeared in the late 1970s, Denis Gallagher has published several books of poetry and prose including Country Country, Making Do and These Tattoos. In 1987 he edited Sydney’s seminal anthology of Gay and Lesbian writing titled Love & Death. He has also written for performance. Denis Gallagher lives in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

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