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Sheila Murphy

Additional Rehearsals


Use perpetuates use, alters the savage point of the robust, attenuated beestings

Savagery would recede into white moths
When and if light —
Bulbs traced the trade-in
Small valise with damages assigned
Careers with centers fueling
Postcard views of corresponding

Slow-gone finesse appraising witnessed
Protectorate the staff shaded
Other blood with elm leaves over —
Cast and mentioned ruse-laned
Chores meant to be titled
Whereupon the silver termed
A patron saint with sworn
Bullets to match offhand corruption


Pharmacopeia delimits precinct class learning to rise, consecutively thereon rising

Knee-high trees induce a parody of shade,
The brook about to be in shadow
Laps rhythm to presume
A twinge of partial blue against this rain
Still focus free though driving time
Into arrest, reprisal stiffens amnesty
Aghast with say-so spears
Of fate planning on start-time

Penitents come under columns we reduce to
Facts, extraneous indemnity defies
A plenary recombinate incense
Of brittle gray within
His beard, what right does the accused,
According to precise examination,
Eyes closed, meanwhile, toward
Occurring sleep on stand


Pilates, until she crouched in a neglectful way, tilled soil, waxlike flowers

False convection oven, chalice after
Bread, diminution clears the head,
Practice defines the cure, ought not be
Furiously scented, brash, confining
Porous lethal rasp a vested crewcut
Vantage-pointed white lead light
What helps a person sleep equals
What reveals some spurious-lined

She mauves her way across
Usurpides, comes clingingly fast-forward
In a wrested speech to magnify
The lariat of creased moon
Laden with contextual haze
As motioning as silo wash
Some armature that fails to snap
From generator disarming
Whatever sentence has been
Seaming lace


Till the spoils as fast as sleep quips to the side catastrophe respun

Folk wis- chortled means less fast
As queried silence previously splashed
Against windshield rinsed as
Colter past to dim the fan lift
Against what would be same-faced
Bracketed just slight
As referenda lying fallow as a smock
With no one shuttered in

The limbs are clocked with dazzle
Crew-necked rain endears us all
To one another, streamlined as canary —
Veined encyclical detained in glory,
Sparred clasp storied as the gentle
Park, a voyage through attuned
As water sport, as cleared fin
Dreaming through saddened water


Semble predicated on long thin silver lines of code, intensively approximate

Veins in his neck failed to have cleared,
Although he had proposed a resolution
To himself, the rector stowed the priest’s
Wares for the good of the whole Stackhouse
Vaulted into facelift gesture
A rock Cornish game hen where the dances
Blur a lariat fling
Strained permanence

Were the antecedents perfectly with charity
When the choice blurred surely
Picturesque in time for boneless breast
To be consumed, the rest is slept
Into then tricked afraid by lemony
Waltz tokened to mean sizzling
With a chestnut dream,
Baking all night, the seamed vibrato
That accompanied his wanting


Serene fronds limit free toned immanence pale on command retraced and lacing

Providence is shaped like shear young curtains
Come to roost, her bearing walls were sleek,
It mattered how and when the free fall torsioned
Down the lake effect of street,
Our full snow days for skiing come to pass
In memory, in melody, in rhythmic thrusts
Of purple woven shock waves

Tine glimmer the occasioned sun,
An earnest money showcase dims the spun eccentric
Live one, striped as decimated simulcast, the envy
Of the population of all wheatfields,
Grasped and tendered and eventually released

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