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This issue of Jacket is a collaboration with Verse magazine

C.S. Carrier

When To Rest

A giant propeller chases me across my snowcovered backyard.

Propeller of lost vision.
Propeller of little pixels.

A giant propeller with red hair and a pierced nose.
The giant propeller filled with midnight.

It chases me all the way from Balsam’s rhododendrons,
all the way from Tuckasegee’s bone-fountain.

The giant propeller chases me
waving its sharp blades, horrible blades, blades of sabotage.

I fall over my tongue and a loosely healed rib.

Solar-willed propeller.
Blue-seamed propeller.

A giant propeller grazes my neck, gnaws my shirttail.
It dances to the taste of my blood.

I run past checkout clerks.
Some have moons in their foreheads, moons that can destroy
the giant propeller.

I don’t know how to use those moons.

Propeller of fluorescent bones.
Coffeehouse-destroyer propeller.
Propeller of the empty bed.

A giant propeller chases me through rubble and late nights.
I’m chased into a basement,
basement of damp-oozing cinderblock walls.

I crouch under the stairs.
My thighs throb and shake. My heel doesn’t stop bleeding.
Devoured city propeller.
Propeller of footprints.
Propeller of vindictive stars.

A giant propeller barricades the door, moans through the keyhole.

The sound of the giant propeller is a tattoo on my arm,
an open road and in it

                      two Chinese fighting fish: one dark, one light,
tail of each in the mouth of the other.

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