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This issue of Jacket is a collaboration with Verse magazine

Graham Foust

Three poems

A small withdrawal

to a future

from every laughter,

mouth to the ground
to pronounce.

Build it
all down:

mouth to pronounce
to the ground.

Blackout drinking

Please and please
unprecedented chemical —

be careful for me.

night bare

and sleep the day raw

and scratch
each freezing

hour elsewhere.

On the evening of a wedding

One day love
is mere

Someone needs something.

You sing them
your song.

On another day love
is purely
a possession.

You want something.

Someone paints
your picture.

You rock back and forth
between these days,
until a third day,
that day on which
the world
puts its mouth to yours.

The world’s mouth is a church.

Your mouth, of course,
is a pictureless room
in which an afternoon’s gods
get lost.

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