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This issue of Jacket is a collaboration with Verse magazine

David Hamilton

Four poems

Slender Batons

A blend is that which holds no mice and this,
Which showed that was when there was no eclipse.

The regulation is that there is no
There is no doubt that to be right is more
No more disturbance than in little paper.
The stamp that is not only torn but also

The temperature, there is some use in it.
Put wetting where it will not do more harm.
A cape is not a cover in the summer.
And yet the time was not so difficult.

It did not hinder wood from not being used.
A little lingering lion and a chair.
The change, there comes the time to press more air,
So sullen and so low, so much refusal.

Slender Batons

Act so that there is no use in a centre.
There is no wagon. There is no change lighter.

And it was so much smaller that a table.
Fitting a failing meant that any two.
Why is a pale white not paler than blue,
A silent star, a single spark, a little

And even if that has been lost there is
Is there a single piece of any color.
If the centre has the place then there
The whole, special suddenness commences

Blind and weak and organized and worried.
It shows the force of sacrifice and likeness.
A sack that has no opening suggests
A little movement and the bed is made.

Slender Batons

In the inside, there is sleeping in
And all the yellow has discrimination.

Suppose there is a pigeon, suppose there is.
Tin is not and neither is a stretcher.
And to settle simply, to surrender,
To have a space between. This shows a likeness.

Inside is sleeping in and all the yellow,
The abuse of cheese, what language can instruct?
Suspect a single buttered flower, suspect
A hurt mended, hurt and mended is so

And then, and then, is there a yellow color
Cut up alone the paved way which is harm.
A canoe is orderly. A period is solemn.
Green acre is so selfish and so pure.

Slender Batons

Light blue and the same red with purple makes
A change. It shows that there is no mistake.

There can be breakages in Japanese.
A seal and matches and a swan and ivy.
It makes the shape and makes no melody.
The question does not come before there is

In any kind of place there is a top,
And the same red with purple makes a change,
A kind in glass, a spectacle and strange,
And more than any other if it is cheap.

A quite dark gray is monstrous ordinarily.
A lamp is not the only sign of glass.
A splendid address, a really splendid address
Cut cut in white, cut in white so lately.

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