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Nanos Valaoritis

Playing with the Pretorian Guard

Sibylla knew what she was doing
When she slept with Gaius Camillus Continentus
How could she miss a trick; she told me all
About it at dinner Chez Personne
But left out some vital information
Which I had to fill in: Markos Paulus
Was in agreement of course with the procedure
I trusted in his horse-sense about matters
Far beyond his ken; he always guessed
Right without knowing why
Long forgotten plots and counter plots
Come back to me as in the fingering night
Someone plays Beethoven’s sonata in E minor
And they slam the lid: I’m convinced
That had it been me, I would by now
Have ascended to the throne
Although I was only the 18th
In the line of succession: the others
Fell so thick and fast, I couldn’t keep
Count. By the time they reached me
The Empire had already fallen.

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