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Clark Coolidge

Two poems

... from Parataxis magazine, Cambridge
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Bactine’s Famous Flameout

Linda Hamilton had gonads
the size of gods
and Charlie Sheen ant paste left
over from Mother
the most plastic passages in
White House history
playing elevator tag with egg
cream vestiges
hit all the buttons at once and
it bring you
a long lenser to take up your evenings
world with its edges has too many colors
the elusive lab-fancier returns to Eden
apologetic jacket and ham hocks
“don’t read books
as a lasso shakes up your ink TV
and there’s nothing worse than balances
where surds are concerned
where motherfuckers are solvents
Linda has no assurance that
Charlie will meet with China
have your ever brindled a cola?
stop merging with my line of march
I’ll bring the radio after supper

Steamboat Springs for the Night 1965

Little Libby Plotnose was excited
there was nobody else on her roster
and if you think this is leading anywhere
you’re wrong
bladders exploding needles in fishes
the whole camp gone linseed etc.
give me a hand with these windows
there’s nothing in them further
I’ll have to take this poem home
if you don’t dare read it out
a radio that receives only rootbeer ads
smoke over average towns a grab-iron
ringing context and other
situations atttitudes impossibilities
and there’s even more that I’ve lost
and so has she and now
so have you

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Jacket 20 — December 2002
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