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Keston Sutherland

Ritalin Daiquiri

... from Parataxis magazine, Cambridge
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I’m as passionate as the next
way I discounted a stab in my forehead
get void of all wiped of all omit
the next way never to break up
and expedite sorrow, then be
alone vague
                                         a crisp on
                                         ledge by that
do you take the crowd at face
can a fuck glorify and as
tremendous as they are all the related
facts they are blur don’t bring
them up one
bring them up one
                                         at a time
                                         better spent in
you damaged and
rejoins the whole erotic affront
star as yourself in alien bingo
alien washing up little do you
alien alien and later we began all
decreed iron on,
                                         of you on
me there was a tenderness I
wild to cry for I pick
I did cry broke the body undetachable
was not therefore hateful,
it shone with you keeping my heart
you were keeping my heart
                                         you kept
                                         warm, there
nowhere the sultry blizzard in
my likes and disowns
spat from you fakes hallucinates spits
from the ground we are can a fuck
waste my time can time waste
my love I ask you everything
                                         and this too

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Jacket 20 — December 2002
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