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Peter Robinson

Two Poems

      Pressure Cooker Noise

Our pressure cooker has
a dullish sheen
               and the News
shows detritus, a bomb
or mine
       and if it exploded
it would pulverize her
     soft face, my vegetable.
Hisses from the kitchen,
she assures me, not dangerous,
‘All cooking ever is,
          is order out of chaos.’

That’s because her fear
         of imminent spills
and the mess
            makes her swear.
Crash of expectancy,
         the interior resounds
and I am on the edge
of my seat.
           Then she says,
‘As if you’d care.’
             The little dark,
the rectangular skylight,
flares with burning worlds.

Those vastnesses
cleanliness as near
to God
      as your hand is
to a bottle of domestic
     disinfectant, dear,
harm is in the taste
of carrots, swedes,
       the rabbit. Our
domestic harmony,
it will make us eat our words.

      Living in the Workroom

The ceiling rises
and the walls

               are seen to be
               scenic diversions.

These windows
reintroduce sun.

               You turn a head.
               The weeping elm’s

branches slope
broken curves.

               The fenestration’s
               undressed stone

parodies that line.
Somebody’s design

               falls from the pelmet.
               Now my return
               to work and sunshine

heats the scalp’s
closely cut hair.

               This yellow glow,
               the edge of a face

glints with borrowed light.
Practising, you write
letters in the folding chair.

               And your skin,
               it would taste
               of witch hazel.

Go to work on me,
well you might.

               The next surprise,
               unexpected present,

we open, make ourselves busy.

Photo of Peter Robinson, 2002

There is a photo, a bio note and links to dozens of pieces of writing by Peter Robinson on his Jacket Author Notes page.

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