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Robert Sheppard

Parody and Pastoral

a text or commentary for Veronica Forrest-Thomson

They may not be clever
creatures but they leave us
to iron sensation melted            
on a deadly breeze

Rough beasts and rough
boys both relieve us, unloved;
we pay up responsible
for what they call themselves

Invade another language
to be invaded by it:
the burglar alarm
perforates the morning’s shell

They stitch up our loves
our lives to a violation that
believes inviolate dwelling
open like all ears

Wails as a headache a
screen of pain that the
window flashes
in migraine streaks

Door slams then ignition coughs
up to voice our twinned words
where barbed wire bleeds

12thMarch 2002

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Jacket 20 — December 2002
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