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Vincent Katz

Edwin Sitting

I guess sitting on a hole
migrating to the left a little
a foreign reference
my wife’s birthday
you dancing modern
in Berlin

and later at the beach
sitting in a suit on sand
hand reaching hand
or another cigarette
looking out

and sitting at a table
notebook and typewriter
shirt and tie
sleeveless sweater
a dandy-looking dandy
a cup of coffee, American

I’d like to throw out
this poem to get back
the person, an evening
dinner, an aside
a night at the dance
or a friend’s theater

sitting looking at painting
talking smoking
in a cafe at 2 a.m.
outside, the city
intimately grand
and walking could
take from side to side

what could be borrowed
could be sublimated
torrents of goodwill
trust in democracy
idylls of youth
standing at the shore

Vincent Katz co-curated the 2000 exhibition ‘Rudy Burckhardt and Friends: New York Artists of the 1950s and 1960s’ for the Grey Art Gallery in New York.

His latest book of poems Understanding Objects was published by Hard Press, 2000. Recently, he’s been putting the finishing touches to his translations of Sextus Propertius. He lives in New York.

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