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Albert Flynn DeSilver

The Bumper Sticker Wars

It was as if butting heads
was no deterrent
nor the humidity of the chrome
their velcro brows all dressed in black
were tempting albeit
perilous to oncoming traffic

All ideas were up for grabs
on the boulevard, concrete
leaflets flew in the face of
the collated glass lizard —

take your pick, repent, repaint
we need guidance here at
the hair pins & dwindling

toward some free-lance flood-plane
in which the opinions of each
team go unnoticed beneath
the underpass as

if such statements had lost their
color to the sun, the
spindly ultra-violents
ratcheting their purpley fists
up a notch toward vinyl air bags —

and so they lock-in at a stand off
with pants flickering
dumbing down the twilight
in the passenger-side window
where I see myself repeated,

and a pair of queasy bumpers curdling
automatically as if palm-piloted
from Philadelphia.

Everything unsaid cakes up
against the windshield
in a dingy cheap film
called ‘Cigarette Eyes’

blinding you to appearance’s cornea
to the point where you think
you are driving through a shallow
fluorescent pond when in fact
you are.

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