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Brian Henry

Two poems

Dusty or Not, This Girdle

has feelings too.
It feels constricted.
Why is this couch
so lumpy?
Because it is stuffed
with girdles?
A car is idling
in the street two houses down
from this house.
Because it is almost midnight
I grab the shotgun.
No car should have
four headlights.

Notes for a Missive

I just stumbled
upon your business
card and thought
I’d drop you
a quick note —
how are things
at your end
of the world?
Has your job
been made full-
time, or still
a yearly deal?
Things here move
slow as always,
though Phyllis’s due
in two months.
(ask about Fay)
(ask for loan)
(use ‘Your friend,’)

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